Civil wedding in Heraklion

November 17, 2017

Sit back, make your evening coffee or tea and enjoy the wonderful wedding of Sofia & George. The guys the past years have been living in Brussels, but they decided to get married in their home city, Heraklion. Georgia were classmates with Sofia in high school (and back then she had no idea that one day she would photograph her wedding!) and when we met George it felt as we had known each other for ages, so their wedding day was a day which we anticipated so so much. And what a day it was! Filled with laughs, emotions, dancing and love. From the preparation, to the “cantada”, to the city hall, to the party and of course the little getaway, we loved every single moment of being around those two!

Sofia & George, it was such an honour to trust us on such a special day and we are so grateful that you are part of our lives!

ps: the story continues in Brussels…

day 1| the wedding day

Day 2 | The little getaway