About Us

Hello there!

We are Manolis and Georgia, a young couple from Crete, Greece.
We are an accountant and a physicist respectively who decided to follow their dream and make our passion for photography our daily life. So, we took the risk and we didn’t regret it for a single moment!

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to document and tell the story of the couple, their family and friends as it is unfolding and not intervening with it. We don’t want to just capture the clothes or the faces of the day, but we want to capture the original atmosphere and the feelings that emerged that day. Of course we will photograph all the details you worked and searched so hard for, but believe us, as the years pass, it will be the laughs, the hugs, the tears and the crazy moments you’ll want to relive! This is why we try to keep staged photographs at the minimum and encourage you and everyone around to just be yourselves. At the end of the day, you are not getting married to get photographed, you are getting married to celebrate your love and we are just there to capture it!

A piece of advice

There is a plethora of wedding photographers out there and a lot of different styles. First, choose which style best suits your needs and aesthetics. For example, if you want a staged, over-glamorized photoshoot, we are not the ones for you and we’ll both be disappointed from the outcome. After you’ve come to a decision about the style, search the appropriate photographers, see their work and try to meet with the ones that clicked with you to see if their is a connection between both parties. This is extremely important, since you choose a person (or a couple) to become part of one of the most important and intimate days of your life, so it better be someone with whom you’ll feel at ease. This is why we always meet with the couple either in person or via skype.

If you want to discuss anything further or if you feel a connection with our work, you are very welcome to send us a message!

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Named one of “30 Rising Stars of wedding phtography 2019”
by Rangefinder Magazine NYC

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